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Queen's University Karate Club


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If Queen's were to organize a karate tournament the following outlines the approriate rules.

  • A match shall be in principle two minutes in length running time.
  • All recognized striking techniques shall be allowed.
  • A match shall be deemed ended when one contestant has scored an ippon.
  • In the even an ippon has not been scored, the contestant with the highest number of waza-ari shall be declared the winner.
  • A contestant with a five waza-ari spread shall be declared the winner.
  • In case of a tie, the match will be extended by one minute, encho-sen.
  • In case of anadditional tie, a final extension will be held, sai-encho-sen. The first contestant to score shall be declared the winner,whether by waza-ari or an ippon
  • There shall be only two legal target areas; head and chest.
  • Contact is permitted only to the chest area covered by the bogu.
  • Absolutely no contact is permitted to the head, neck, face, back or groin.
  • Any contact to a non-contact area shall result in a penalty half-point. A referee does not need verification (via corner judge's consensus) for awarding a penalty point.
  • To such penalty waza-ari shall result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Excessive contact shall result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Reasonable contact is allowed to the bogu.
  • Sweeps of the leg are allowed where a matted area is available. In the event that sweeps are permitted, A mandatory follow up technique must be attempted, otherwise a single warning shall be issued for each violation.
  • For stepping out of bounds, two warnings shall be issued before penalty half-points are awareded.
  • A contestant may score or be scored upon if one foot is out of bounds.
  • Head, groin protection and mouth guards are mandatory.
  • Shin, arm, hand and foot protectors are optional.
  • Disrespect to the officials or poor-sportsmanship to another competitor will not be tolerated and may result in a disqualification from the match and /or tournament. Questions regarding rules violations must follow proper procedures.
  • Absolutely no jewelry is to be worn when a contestant is competing .
  • For this tournament competitors shall wear a traditional solid white uniform with organization crests. Other coloured uniforms or striped uniforms are not permitted.
  • White T-shirts may be worn under the gi top.
  • Full uniforms must be worn at all times during the event.
  • Food and drinks must be kept outside of the gymnasium.
  • Absolutely no coaching from the sidelines is allowed by anyone .
  • Black belts that wish to compete in shiai must also compete in kata and/or weapons competition. The converse is not required.
  • Karateka must stay in the confines of their designated areas, otherwise you may miss your event.
  • Proper dojo etiquette shall be followed by all Karateka.
  • The tournament organizers will supply a regulation bo for the weapons competiton.

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